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Soho is a tiny area of London’s West End covering just one square mile however whilst it may be small it certainly packs a great deal into a small space. Known for its pulsing nightlife and eclectic mix of restaurants and bars it is where the fashionistas go to see and be seen.

Soho was first developed by Henry VIII as a small hunting park. It was said that the Earl of Monmouth used the hunting cry ‘SoHo!’ here and this was where its name came from. In the 17th century Soho square was developed, and the area became synonymous with the upper class and aristocracy. The reputation had taken a turn for the worse by the 18th century when it had become known as a squalid red-light district with bawdy drinking and gambling houses. This remained until late in the 20th Century when the area was redeveloped into the vibrant, exciting and modern entertainment district it is today.

This is the perfect place to enjoy a night out with any of our high-class Soho escorts. There are many of London’s theatres located here as well as nightclubs, themed cocktail bars and award-winning restaurants. The area is ‘in vogue’ for those who want to experience a wild night out and with so many beautiful boutique hotels and serviced apartments having been developed here in recent years, people who don’t want too stray far from the action can make sure they are always at the heart of the fun.

Our Soho escorts are lively, openminded and spontaneous, just like the area itself. Their reputation as beautiful, free spirited stunners blends perfectly with the air of bohemian beauty that is now associated with this small but distinct district of London. The West End is where visitors and tourists go for an action-packed time and our local Soho escorts never disappoint!