Victoria Escorts

Located in the city of Westminster, Victoria is perhaps best known as being the transport hub of the city. It is located within walking distance to all the major London attractions including Big Ben and Buckingham Palace but it is the stepping stone to destinations and attractions as far afield as Europe as the major bus, coach and train stations that are all here provide many routes through the UK and beyond.

The area which is now known as Victoria was named indirectly after the Queen of the time. It was developed from slum land in the 1850’s with the station opening in 1860. Prior to this the place was known as Devil’s acre as this was a phrase used by Charles Dickens himself to describe the squalor and deprivation the area was known for.

Today Victoria is a thriving mix of residential, commercial and travel related homes and industries and our Victoria escorts love the fact that they are never far from the action and have the ability to be somewhere else very quickly should they need to. Victoria is an area with a transient population as most people only tend to stay here a short while, but this is ideal for our ladies as they get to meet new people all the time and the area never become stale or boring.

Even though there are only a limited number of residential properties, these are usually occupied by trendy professionals or International visitors and all of these love the company that our Victoria escorts provide. There is exciting nightlife close by and plenty of traditional local bars and pubs to enjoy a few drinks and these make for the ideal spot for an ice breaker when you initially meet with your hot date. Dining out brings some amazing choices with so many top-class restaurants and small delis and exclusive café close by and these are also wonderful places to enjoy a date with our local Victoria escorts.