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The Acceptable Use Policy

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User content

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No Warranties

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Red Rose London Escorts will not warrant the below;

  1. The data held on this site is comprehensive, true, accurate and does not mislead
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The website does not give advice in any way, and no information displayed on this website should be considered to be advice.  If there is anything you need advice for, of any type, then you need to consider consulting with a professional.

Liability Limits

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  1. For any specific, indirect or consequential loss
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The liability limits are applicable even if Red Rose London Escorts have been explicitly informed of any potential loss.


There is no information contained within this website disclaimer that will limit any warranty or similarly exclude any warranty as implicated by UK Law. In the case of any of the below, nothing contained in this website disclaimer will limit or exclude the liability of Red Rose London Escorts in any way.

  1. Personal Injury caused by Red Rose London Escorts
  2. Death caused by Red Rose London Escorts
  3. Misrepresentation or fraud of any type

Other Parties

You agree that, as a limited liability entity, Red Rose London Escorts has a specific interest in the limitation of the personal liability of its employees and officers.  You agree to not bring a personal claim with regard to any loss that is suffered that are linked to this website.  The website disclaimer is set-out in order to protect Red Rose London Escort staff, agents, successors, subsidiaries and officers, as well as the business in it, ’s entirety.

Unexpected Provisions

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Breach of These Conditions

Red Rose London Escorts operates without prejudice and in accordance with these terms and conditions. If you are in breach of these conditions in any way, then we will take an appropriate course of action in order to deal with that breach effectively.  Some actions may include your suspension from the website, which may involve using your IP address to identify your computer, and notifying your Internet Service Provider so that they may also block you from the website. In some cases, we may also consider taking legal action against you in a UK Court of Law.

Changes and Variations

At any point in time, Red Rose London Escorts may choose to change or amend these terms and conditions. The revised terms and conditions will take effect immediately as soon as they are published unless otherwise stated.  It is important to check these terms and conditions on a regular basis to ensure that you are familiar with them.

Transfer of Assignment

Red Rose London Escorts at any point, without notice, decides to transfer, sublet any part of these obligations or rights without gaining your permission. The user is not permitted to transfer their right or obligations in accordance with these terms and conditions.

UK Law

Red Rose London Escorts issue terms and conditions in accordance with UK Law. Any disagreements or disputes which directly relate to these conditions are subject to the jurisdiction of a non-exclusive nature.

Charges for Cancellation

If for any reason, you are unable to keep your appointment then a standard £75 fee is applicable.

Payment and Expenses

The most comfortable way for everyone to enjoy the time together without any type of financial or business related tasks is for payment to be made ahead of the meeting.

Any costs paid and advertised are for the escorts time only, any additional payments and requests such as additional time would need to be handled and will be quoted for by the Escort.

Items such as travel expenses are not included in the cost of the hourly rate.  For what would be considered by Red Rose London Escorts to be a longer-than-normal journey, an up-front payment will be required to cover part of these expenses.

Overall Acceptance and Agreement

The terms and conditions which are set out by Red Rose London Escorts and which form an agreement between two parties, namely yourself and Red Rose London Escorts.  This takes the place of any prior arrangements with regards to your website use.